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UK Postcode Area Wall Map

The bestselling Postcode wall map of the entire UK showing the 124 Postcode Areas from AB to ZE. Map size is 59cm wide x 84 cm high.


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  1. Quickly locate Postcode Areas and identify the cities and towns they cover.
  2. Fix to your office wall for easy viewing by everyone.
  3. Draw your own territories, franchises, distribution areas and business locations on the plastic coated version with water based marker pens and wipe clean if your information changes.
  4. Plastic coating protects the maps and ensures they last longer before needing replacement.


  1. Up to date & accurate Postcode boundaries from Royal Mail information.
  2. Easy reference with clear Ordnance Survey full colour map background showing cities and main roads.
  3. Large A1 size map - perfect for the office wall or desktop planning.
  4. Plastic coated version protects from tears and creases and allows annotation on the map with water based marker pens.
  5. The entire UK on a single map sheet.


The UK Postcode Area map is the definitive Postcode map of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This map shows the 124 Postcode Area boundaries on a clear wall map and is perfect for national planning or simply as a national reference guide.

The map also provides an inset for the Greater London area to improve the visibility of the Postcode Areas in this region.

Postcode Area boundaries (AB, ZE etc) are clearly displayed in red with associated Postcode Area Names on a full colour map background which includes motorways, major towns and cities.

Area Covered

The United Kingdom including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Map Details

  • Size: A1 (59cm x 84cm)
  • Scale: 1:800,000
  • Finish: All maps are printed on high quality paper. 'Plastic Coated' maps are encapsulated between two sheets of plastic which protect your map from creases, folds and tears.
  • ISBN: 9781905755257

Other Options

Purchase this map as a PDF or GIF file for unlimited internal business use.

Postcode Area Map Sheet Overview

Postcode Area Map Sample Area