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Postcode Maps

Postcode Maps A wall mounted Postcode map gives your business a clear view of your customer locations, sales territories and franchise areas to provide clarity, save time and ensure everyone has easy access to the correct information.

Companies across the UK from independent restaurants to national chains use Postcode maps to plan more effectively and improve customer service. For example;

Local delivery companies use our wall mounted Postcode maps to quickly locate customers using their Postcode and plan efficient delivery services and reduce costs.

Franchisees use our maps to understand exactly where they are (and are not) permitted to sell and market their products and services. And the franchise owners use Postcodes to map out their existing franchise coverage and identify areas to expand their business.

Organisations with field sales or support teams define their territories with Postcodes and use our maps to ensure customers and prospects are directed to the appropriate person saving staff time and improving customer satisfaction.

Estate Agents and other local businesses use Postcode maps to target marketing activity such as door drops to the most profitable areas increasing sales revenues and reducing material costs.

Why Use Postcode Maps?

1. Use Postcodes to quickly locate customers and improve customer service and satisfaction.
2. Display sales territories and franchise areas on your office wall to ensure everyone is working with the same information; saving time and avoiding expensive mistakes.
3. Our maps use Royal Mail Postcode information and Ordnance Survey maps to ensure you have the confidence to make the right decisions and plan effectively.
4. Protect your investment with a plastic coated map eliminating wear and tear which can quickly damage an unprotected paper map.
5. Plastic coated maps allow you to draw on them with water-based marker pens and simply wipe them clean when the information changes saving time and avoiding the cost of purchasing a new map.


We have a detailed range of Postcode maps for specific towns, ideal for local delivery companies, fast food restaurants and estate agents. If you can't find the town you need, let us know and we will try and help >

Aberdeen Edinburgh (Greater) Luton Stoke-on-Trent
Aberystwyth Elgin Manchester (City) Stranraer
Arbroath Exeter Manchester (Greater) Sunderland
Ballymena Fermanagh Milton Keynes Sutton Coldfield
Bangor Flint Montrose Swansea
Barnet Forfar Newcastle-upon-Tyne Swindon
Basildon Fort William Newport Taunton
Belfast Fraserburgh Newry Torquay
Birmingham (City) Gateshead Newtown Uxbridge
Birmingham (Greater) Glasgow (City) Norwich Wandsworth
Blackburn Glasgow (Greater) Oldham Washington
Blackpool Gloucester Omagh Watford
Bolton Greasby Oxford West Bromwich
Bournemouth Great Yarmouth Paisley West Kirkby
Bradford Greenock Penrith Westminster
Brighton Hartlepool Perth Whitehaven
Bristol (Greater) Hawick Peterhead Wolverhampton
Bromley Holyhead Plymouth Workington
Cardiff Hoylake Poole York
Carlisle Huddersfield Portsmouth  
Carnoustie Hull Prestatyn  
Chelmsford Ilford Preston  
Colchester Inverness Rhyl  
Coleraine Ipswich Richmond  
Colwyn Bay Kingston-upon-Thames Romford  
Coventry Leeds Rotherham  
Croydon Leicester Sheffield (Greater)  
Darlington Lisburn Slough  
Dartford Liverpool (Greater) Southampton  
Dudley Liverpool (City) Southend
Dumfries Llandudno South Shields  
Dundee Londonderry Staines  
Dunfermline London (Central) St Andrews
East Kilbride London (Greater) St Helens  
Edinburgh (City) Lowestoft Stockport  

Postcode Areas

We are currently introducing a range of Postcode maps specifically to cover individual Postcode Areas. These maps are perfect for franchise companies and sales territory planning. If the Postcode Area you want isn't listed, contact us to find out when it will be available >

AB (Aberdeen) E (East London) LS (Leeds) SN (Swindon)
AL (St Albans) EC (East Central London) LU (Luton) SO (Southampton)
B (Birmingham) EH (Edinburgh) M (Manchester) SP (Salisbury)
BA (Bath) EN (Enfield) ME (Rochester) SR (Sunderland)
BB (Blackburn) EX (Exeter) MK (Milton Keynes) SS (Southend)
BD (Bradford) FK (Falkirk) ML (Motherwell) ST (Stoke On Trent)
BH (Bournemouth) FY (Blackpool) N (North London) SW (South West London)
BL (Bolton) G (Glasgow) NE (Newcastle) SY (Shrewsbury)
BN (Brighton) GL (Gloucester) NG (Nottingham) TA (Taunton)
BR (Bromley) GU (Guildford) NN (Northampton) TD (Galashiels)
BS (Bristol) HA (Harrow) NP (Newport) TF (Telford)
BT (Belfast) HD (Huddersfield) NR (Norwich) TN (Tonbridge)
CA (Carlisle) HG (Harrogate) NW (North West London) TQ (Torquay)
CB (Cambridge) HP (Hemel Hempstead) OL (Oldham) TR (Truro)
CF (Cardiff) HR (Hereford) OX (Oxford) TS (Teeside)
CH (Chester) HS (Hebrides) PA (Paisley) TW (Twickenham)
CM (Chelmsford) HU (Hull) PE (Peterborough) UB (Uxbridge)
CO (Colchester) HX (Halifax) PH (Perth) W (West London)
CR (Croydon) IG (Ilford) PL (Plymouth) WA (Warrington)
CT (Canterbury) IP (Ipswich) PO (Portsmouth) WC (West Central London)
CV (Coventry) IV (Inverness) PR (Preston) WD (Watford)
CW (Crewe) KA (Kilmarnock) RG (Reading) WF (Wakefield)
DA (Dartford) KT (Kingston) RH (Redhill) WN (Wigan)
DD (Dundee) KW (Kirkwall) RM (Romford) WR (Worcester)
DE (Derby) KY (Kirkcaldy) S (Sheffield) WS (Walsall)
DG (Dumfries) L (Liverpool) SA (Swansea) WV (Wolverhampton)
DH (Durham) LA (Lancaster) SE (South East London) YO (York)
DL (Darlington) LD (Llandrindod Wells) SG (Stevenage)  
DN (Doncaster) LE (Leicester) SK (Stockport)  
DT (Dorchester) LL (Llandudno) SL (Slough)  
DY (Dudley) LN (Lincoln) SM (Sutton)  

UK Map of Postcode Areas (e.g. UB7 0EB)

Postcode Areas are the first one or two characters of the Postcode - for example UB from our Postcode UB7 0EB. There are 124 Postcode Areas covering the UK and we have a single national A1 map that shows these boundaries.

You can view our UK Postcode Area map by clicking here >

Regional Maps of Postcode Districts (e.g. UB7 0EB)

The Postcode District is the first half of the Postcode - for example UB7 from our Postcode UB7 0EB. There are over 3,000 Postcode Districts covering the UK and we have a 10 A0 maps designed to cover the UK as efficiently as possible at this level.

1. South West England 4. Northern England 7. Greater London 10. England & Wales
2. South East England 5. Southern Scotland 8. United Kingdom
3. Wales 6. Northern Scotland 9. Scotland

Local Maps of Postcode Sectors (e.g. UB7 0EB)

The Postcode Sector is the first half of the Postcode plus the next number - for example UB7 0 from our Postcode UB7 0EB. There are approximately 10,000 Postcode Sectors covering the UK and we have a series of 22 A0 detailed maps designed to cover the UK as efficiently as possible at this level.

1. Cornwall & West Devon 9. North Wales  17. Central West Scotland (Glasgow)
2. East Devon, Dorset & Somerset 10. West Midlands 18. Central East Scotland (Edinburgh)
3. Hampshire, Berkshire & Oxfordshire 11. Derbyshire & Lincolnshire 19. Highlands & Islands
4. South East England 12. Lancashire & North West England 20. Aberdeenshire
5. South Wales 13. Yorkshire 21. London (Greater)
6. Avon & the Severn Estuary 14. Northern Ireland 22. London (Central)
7. East Midlands & Northamptonshire 15. South West Scottish Borders
8. Norfolk & Suffolk 16. North East England  

Customised Maps

Do you need a Postcode map that covers a specific area for your business?

With our new, easy to use Map Maker tool you can decide exactly how you want your map to look:

  1. Specify the area you want the map to cover.
  2. Choose a size from A3 to a huge 2 x A0 map.
  3. Decide whether you want it toughened with a plastic coating (encapsulated).

Once you are happy, place your order and we will print your customized map on high quality paper and send it straight to you. Delivery usually take up to 5 working days from your order. For more information and to see how easy it is, click the button below to get started!

Customised Postcode Maps