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    AlignMix FAQ

    Q: How do I download the free version of AlignMix?

    For your free version of AlignMix simply register on the AlignMix Standard page and you will receive a download link.

    Q: What is the difference between the Standard (Free) and the Professional versions of AlignMix?

    You can compare the versions with our Feature Comparison Chart on the AlignMix overview page.

    Q: How do I register my version of AlignMix?

    Once you have downloaded the file and launched the application you’ll see a pop up with a code. Simply click the button that says “register” underneath this code to send the activation to our servers. Once we confirm that your email is real we will automatically activate your copy of the software.

    Q: Is it easy to use?

    Yes, its really really really easy. Watch our UK Launch Webinar to see how easy it is!

    Q: What data do I need?

    If you have account data, then great! That’s basically all you need. You will need account names and address’ including Postcodes. If you have current territory assignments and sales rep assignments then you can import those also.

    Q: Are there any additional costs?

    The Free version of AlignMix is completely free. The only additional costs come if you want to buy additional maps (i.e. international maps) or demographic data. The Professional version (Annual License) provides additional functionality and is licensed on a per-user-per-year basis. This covers upgrades to the application and underlying Postcode data

    Q: What kind of PC do I need to run AlignMix?

    AlignMix will run on any modern PC with 4 Gb of memory. AlignMix doesn’t run on Apple Macs.

    1. Operating System: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (32 bit or 64 but)
    2. Memory: Minimum of 4 Gb (8 Gb recommended) some older systems which use shared memory for their graphics may need more than 4 Gb
    3. Hard Disk: 1 Gb of free hard disk space
    4. Display: Minimum 1024 x 768 (1920 x 1080 recommended)
    5. Graphics Card: Integrated graphics (dedicated graphics card is recommended)
    6. Mouse: Mouse required (AlignMix is touch enabled for machines with a touch display)

    Q: Is there a way to export maps?

    Yes – you can copy or save any map. There is also the batch save feature (Ctrl-Alt-B) which saves each territory as a PNG file

    Q: Is there a Help File?

    The help-file can be accessed by pressing “F1” from within AlignMix. Alternatively you can access the online version at https://www.alignmix.com/manual/

    Q: Is the AlignMix output data compatible with any CRM systems?

    Currently we only provide one type of alignment data output. If you provide us with a format that your CRM needs the data in, then we can create an output option that works for you.

    Q: Where do I ask questions or suggest new features?

    If you have any issues with the software please let us know right away. You can click here to send us a direct email or click the contact us link on the home menu. If you have suggestions regarding new features or tools please let us know. If we like your idea we will extend your license for a few more months as a thank you.