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    How do I find the best map for me?

    There a wide variety of Postcode maps to choose from and the options may prove to be daunting. The easiest way to find a map of the area you need is to enter a town, county or Postcode Area name in the search box at the top of any page to see maps that cover that area.

    Alternatively, use the Contact form to send us a message and tell us what you are looking for. We'll get back to you with the available options within a day.

    How long do maps take to arrive?

    Whilst we endeavour to get your map to you as soon as possible - usually within 3 working days - we ask that you please allow 5 working days for plastic coated maps and up to 10 working days for custom maps.

    Is there VAT on Postcode Maps?

    No, all paper and laminated wall maps are zero rated for VAT purposes. Canvas or digital maps will still attract VAT but the prices shown on the website include this.

    Can I Return My Map?

    If your map arrives and it isn't what you were looking for you can return your map within 14 days for a full refund of the map cost assuming, of course, it is undamaged and returned in the original tube. Returns must include a print out of your email order confirmation and sent to:

    Map Logic Returns
    C/O XYZ Maps
    32/10 Hardengreen Business Park
    Dalhousie Road
    EH22 3NX

    Once we have received you map we will be in touch to confirm the refund.

    Can I download maps?

    Certain maps are available in PDF or GIF format. Please enquire for details.

    Can I photocopy my map?

    All maps are copyrighted and copying the maps is not permitted without the express permission of the copyright owner. If you want copies of a map then please let us know and we will advise on any potential costs you may need to cover to do this.

    Do I have to Licence PAF Data each year?

    Yes you do. As detailed in the terms and conditions of sale and specified by Royal Mail, PAF data can only be used if you are covered by paying an annual license fee. In addition to the rights to use the data for a further year, you also receive all updates to the PAF data you are licensed for.

    My PAF Requirements have changed what should I do?

    If your requirements change (e.g. you need access to PAF from more or fewer PC's) then inform us immediately and we will advise on the appropriate course of action to ensure your license is up to date and you are operating within Royal Mails terms and conditions.

    How Do I Contact You?

    Can't find the map you need or want to check the details of this map? Please use our contact form to quickly ask us a question and one of our advisors will be back with the required information as soon as possible. Alternatively give is a call on 0844 808 2495 and we'll be glad to help.