Map of UK Postcode Areas Map of UK Postcode Areas

Map Of UK Postcodes

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About This Map Of UK Postcodes

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  • Two size options:
    • A small A1 (59cm x 84cm) poster-size Postcode Area wall map
    • A large (100cm x 141cm) wall map for easy viewing across the office.
  • Accurate Postcode boundaries from the latest official Royal Mail Postcode information.
  • Clear mapping from Ordnance Survey - the National Mapping Agency of Great Britain.
  • Choose the long lasting and durable encapsulation (plastic coating) to extend the life of your map.
  • The 'Plastic Coated' option also allows you to  draw sales territories, franchise areas and customer locations with water based marker pens.

United Kingdom Postcode Areas

There are a total of 124 Postcode Areas in the UK denoted by the first one or two letters of the Postcode. For example the Postcode Area of Edinburgh is 'EH' and the Postcode Area of Manchester is 'M'. Of the 124 UK Areas:

  • 1 is the Northern Ireland Postcode Area (BT)
  • 8 Areas cover Wales
  • 16 are Scottish Postcode Areas
  • 101 Postcode Areas cover England

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