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    News — addresses

    New Postcode Lists, Lookups and Addresses

    To complement our range of Postcode Area maps, we have made available a range of Postcode and address lists in Excel format to help you with your Postcode planning.

    We have three lists described below which can be used for common business tasks such as:

    1. Checking and validating Postcodes
    2. Cross reference Postcodes to local authorities and other geographies
    3. Locating Postcodes in GIS and mapping software
    4. Cleaning customer addresses to ensure accurate and successful mailings

    There are three files available for immediate download:

    Free Postcode Lists

    Aberdeen Postcode List Specification Download Aberdeen Postcode List Sample

    Free lists of all currently valid Postcodes in the Postcode Areas of the UK. These lists are updated every 3 months and you will receive a notification to download the updated version completely free of charge!

    Use For: Validating Postcodes or as a simple Postcode lookup list.

    Postcode Lists With Lookup Locations

    Aberdeen Postcode List with Locations Specification Aberdeen Postcode Location Lookup Sample

    This list contains a wealth of information about the Postcodes in each Postcode Area. Not only does it contain all the Postcodes currently in use by Royal Mail but it contains every Postcode that ever existed including when the Postcode was retired.

    Use For: Validating Postcodes, plotting Postcodes in mapping systems and identifying the parish, ward, local authority district that each Postcode belongs to.

    The file provides the following information for each Postcode (where the information is available*):

    • Postcode Sector
    • Postcode District
    • Postcode Area
    • Built Up Area Sub Division
    • Built Up Area
    • Ward
    • Parish
    • Local Authority District
    • Traditional County Name
    • Region
    • British National Grid Easting
    • British National Grid Northing
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Date Postcode was introduced
    • Date Postcode was retired/ terminated

    * Fields can be blank in the data for a variety of reasons. The Postcode may be new and not have been cross-referenced to other geographies, agencies may not have supplied the information yet or the field my just not be relevant for that Postcode (not all areas are Parished for example).

    This file is also updated every 3 months and updates are included in the annual subscription fee.

    Postcode Lists With Addresses

    Aberdeen Postcode Address List Specification Aberdeen Postcode Address List Sample

    A spread sheet of every residential and business postal address in the respective Postcode Area. The information is sourced directly from Royal Mail and updated every 3 months to ensure it is up to date and accurate.

    Use For: Validating addresses and cleaning customer address records or as a simple address lookup list.

    The spreadsheet contains the following address fields:

    • UDPRN
    • Organisation Name
    • Department Name
    • PO Box
    • Building Name
    • Sub-Building Name
    • Building Number
    • Thoroughfare
    • Street
    • Double Dependent Locality
    • Dependent Locality
    • Post Town
    • Postcode
    • Postcode Type
    • DPS
    • SU Organisation Flag

    This file is also updated every 3 months and updates are included in the annual subscription fee.

    To download your Postcode and address lists today, simply pick your Postcode Area from the full UK list >