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    News — mapping

    Ordnance Survey Points of Interest

    We are pleased to announce the addition of the Ordnance Survey Point of Interest database to our website. This database provides approximately 4,000,000 locations across Great Britain with a highly accurate Ordnance Survey grid reference including:
    1. Accommodation, eating and drinking
    2. Commercial services
    3. Attractions
    4. Sport and entertainment
    5. Education and health
    6. Public infrastructure
    7. Manufacturing and production
    8. Retail
    9. Transport

    The grid references for the majority of the file are accurate to premise level - that is the grid reference falls within the building footprint of the address making it, positionally, the most accurate Point of Interest database available.

    As you would expect, the full file of 4,000,000 records is not cheap at over £75,000 at the time of writing for a five user licence. However, with over 600 individual classifications, it is possible to select just those records you need for your application and just pay for the data you need.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the Point of Interest data then please visit http://www.map-logic.co.uk/digital-maps/points-of-interest-poi.html for more information.

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    Postcode Boundary Data

    Following the release of several geographic databases (royalty free) by Ordnance Survey on the 1st April 2010, we have been reviewing the information to determine whether we can help turn this raw data into useful information for customers to use in GIS and mapping software.

    In addition to improving the grid references (and lowering the price!) of our Postcode grid reference file, we have also used the raw Code-Point grid reference data to build a set of Postcode polygons for Great Britain. These boundaries can be used in a variety of GIS and mapping software such as Mapinfo, Arcview, Maptitude and even Google Earth to view the extent of Postcode Sectors, Districts and Areas across the country.

    The polygons have been created using a variety of techniques based on Voronoi diagrams to create areas around every Postcode in the country which are then aggregated to created the boundaries for each level of Postcode geography. As we only use the Postcodes with the highest positional quality indicators from Ordnance Survey and also exclude PO Boxes, these boundaries are the most accurate boundaries that can be produced using this technique.

    At £300 for a single user and £600 for unlimited company use, we also believe these boundaries offer unbeatable value for money. You can download a specification and a sample of the boundaries directly from our website.

    If you download the sample to play with then we'd love to have your feedback...

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    City Postcode Maps and Map Software

    City Postcode Maps
    Well the site redesign has continued but, in terms of changes to the site, it has been a bit of a quieter week. One of the changes we have been discussing and have started to implement is making the more localised Postcode maps more accessible. There are 37 Postcode Sector maps covering the UK and the key is how to help people find the one they want! How do people really want to search for them?

    Our feedback indicated that, generally, people want a Postcode map for a specific city or town so we are tweaking the site a little to do just that. So now our Postcode Sector Map page shows a growing list of cities and towns which visitors can click on to see the map required to cover that location. It is a simple low-tech solution but we felt at this stage simple is best until we have tested user feedback. If you fancy having a look and letting us have your thoughts then we'd love to hear them.
    Mapping Software
    We are often asked for our opinions on software to help with business activities which can lead into lengthy discussions and explanations of what software is available and, to a large extent, why it is so damned expensive. In order to help visotrs understand the mapping software landscape, we have added an article to the site called 'Mapping Software' which provides a summary of what is available to the casual - and serious - business mapper.
    As a follow on from this article, we are currently part-way through a review of Microsoft's MapPoint 2009 software and we'll be posting that on our site by the end of the week.
    Until next time...

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