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    News — maps

    New Colour Postcode Maps

    We are pleased to announce recent improvements and additions to our range of Postcode wall maps that we hope you will find of interest.

    Colour Postcode Maps

    We have recently upgraded all of our Postcode maps to use the latest full colour Ordnance Survey mapping which provides more detail and clarity to the maps than was possible before.

    These maps are still available from £24.99.

    View more information about the latest colour Postcode maps.

    City Centre Postcode Maps
    We are also using Ordnance Survey colour maps to add to our Postcode map range with a set of City Centre Postcode Sector maps.

    These maps show street level detail with the latest Postcode Sector boundaries for the most detailed city maps available.

    We currently have maps for London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham and will be adding Manchester and Liverpool in the next few weeks.

    View the current range of City Centre Postcode Sector maps

    We hope these maps are of interest and, as always, if you have any questions or we can help then please just let us know.

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    Postcode Update

    We have been a bit late updating the blog, but mainly due to the fact that we have been knee deep in updating a whole range of Postcode databases and files as a result of the latest Royal Mail changes.

    These are all now complete and Royal Mails summary information for Postcode changes from October 2008 to March 2009 can be found on our Postcode Change page. We've also been able to provide a 10% discount for any sales up to this Friday but the offer is only open to email subscribers.

    The Postcode files affected by the changes are as follows:

    Full Postcode List
    Postcode Grid Reference Data
    Postcode Ward Table
    Postcode NHS Table
    Postcode Address File (PAF) Data

    AA Maps
    We have also added more AA road maps to our range with our price comparison tool. So if you are planning a driving trip across the UK or abroad. head over to the International AA Road map page and find the best price for your AA map!

    In the News
    Google maps has now been used to track the spread of swine flu
    Villagers in Mytholmroyd want their own Postcode (only really added as I used to live near there...)
    Google maps helps family find aircraft crash site
    Zoopla reveals priciest Postcodes in Scotland

    Until next time, take care and lets hope the weather picks up a little...any info on the sunniest Postcodes this weekend?

    The Map-Logic Team

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    City Postcode Maps and Map Software

    City Postcode Maps
    Well the site redesign has continued but, in terms of changes to the site, it has been a bit of a quieter week. One of the changes we have been discussing and have started to implement is making the more localised Postcode maps more accessible. There are 37 Postcode Sector maps covering the UK and the key is how to help people find the one they want! How do people really want to search for them?

    Our feedback indicated that, generally, people want a Postcode map for a specific city or town so we are tweaking the site a little to do just that. So now our Postcode Sector Map page shows a growing list of cities and towns which visitors can click on to see the map required to cover that location. It is a simple low-tech solution but we felt at this stage simple is best until we have tested user feedback. If you fancy having a look and letting us have your thoughts then we'd love to hear them.
    Mapping Software
    We are often asked for our opinions on software to help with business activities which can lead into lengthy discussions and explanations of what software is available and, to a large extent, why it is so damned expensive. In order to help visotrs understand the mapping software landscape, we have added an article to the site called 'Mapping Software' which provides a summary of what is available to the casual - and serious - business mapper.
    As a follow on from this article, we are currently part-way through a review of Microsoft's MapPoint 2009 software and we'll be posting that on our site by the end of the week.
    Until next time...

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