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    News — london

    London Postcode Maps

    Our new London Postcode Maps website is now online!

    As we get many enquiries for Postcode reference data, maps and books for London we thought it may be easier to dedicate a site to the subject. So the new site includes a whole range of products and materials including:

    - Postcode wall maps
    - Postcode map images
    - London Guides which include Postcode information
    - Postcode data and spread sheets
    - Postcode boundaries for London
    - A-Z maps showing Postcodes
    - And some freebies...!

    So have a look at the new site and tell us what you think - all suggestions for information or products you think would be useful aadditions to the site are warmly welcome.

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    London Borough Postcodes

    Due to popular demand, we have created a series of spreadsheets and files for all 33 London Boroughs which provide a list of every Postcode each Borough contains.

    The data is supplied in a single text file containing all Postcodes and boroughs for the whole of london, As the total number of London Postcodes is over 183,000 which is too large for some spreadsheet packages, we also provide the data in 33 separate files - one for each borough.

    The London Postcode to Borough data allows you to quickly search for any London Postcode using a text editor, spreadsheet or database and find the London Ward, District/ Borough that the Postcode belongs to. For example:

    NW10 7BL falls within the Ward of East Acton and the London Borough of Ealing.

    Alternatively, open any one of the 33 borough files (eg Barnet.csv) and see a list of all Postcodes that fall within that London Borough.

    The following fields of information are included in this data product:


    For only £25 for the whole of London, this data is perfect for local administration tasks, address analysis and local authority planning. Use within database applications to tag Postcodes with local authority information.

    The data is sourced from the latest Ordnance Survey Code-Point© Open data and Royal Mail Postzon data and processed to create a single database structure containing a total of 13 data fields for ease of use.

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