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    News — antique

    An Antique World Map Masterpiece

    You don't have to like maps to appreciate this work of art!

    Willem Blaeu, the famous Dutch cartographer and appointed map maker for the Dutch East India Company, had two sons Johannes (Joan) and Cornelius Blaeu who continued his map making business after his death in 1638. This stunning world map was published circa 1665 although we can't determine how much of the map is Willem's or his sons work.

    The map is famous for its elaborate ornamentation, embellished with ships, sea monsters, compass roses, and ornate border panel.

    The map incorporates some of the classic early 17th Century cartographic misconceptions, including California shown as a separate island to the North American mainland, the lack of coastal detail around Alaska and NW America, a narrow strait between North and South America and so on.

    Whether you like perusing old maps or just want a wall display to finish off an office or a sitting room,  this huge map provides an historic elegance and style to any room without dominating too much.

    For more information visit our Blaeu World map product page.