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    News — alignmix

    MapSpace To Be Replaced By AlignMix

    When we introduced MapSpace in early 2014 our intention was to build a cost effective and easy to use territory and customer mapping system that would meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses.

    We also intended to keep developing the functionality of the system based on customer feedback and technological advances.

    Earlier this year, we were asked to partner with a US software specialist called Cozmix to represent their software, AlignMix, in the UK.

    We love AlignMix!

    It provides the features we hoped to add to MapSpace but also has features we hadn't dreamed about. Not only that but there is a free version which effectively does what MapSpace currently does and a cost effective Professional version with a host of great analysis features.

    So it is with a little regret that we will be discontinuing the MapSpace system on 30th November 2016 to focus on the support of AlignMix in the UK.

    What Does This Mean For MapSpace Customers?

    If you are a user of the Free version of MapSpace, there is nothing to do. You can simply head straight over to the Standard AlignMix product page and download the software for free today and start mapping. You will find that the free version of AlignMix offers you many more functions already than the MapSpace equivalent.

    If you have a paid subscription for MapSpace, there are a couple of additional steps required:

    1. Ensure you have exported your territory and customer data from MapSpace

    2. Cancel your subscription payment in your PayPal account - remember, we cannot cancel your payment for you. If you are in any doubt please let us know.

    3. Go to the AlignMix Standard product page and download the latest AlignMix software.

    Please ensure the above is done before 30th November 2016 as the MapSpace system will be unavailable after that date.

    AlignMix Information

    If you would like to know more about AlignMix there is a whole host of information available online to introduce you to this exciting new product:

    1. Read the AlignMix product overview with customer testimonials
    2. View the UK Launch Webinar on YouTube
    3. View the How To Videos

    And of course, if you have any questions just let us know directly by using the contact form.