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    Government Relations and Affairs Reports

    Constituency Reports for Government Relations

    Reports for Government Affairs Executives

    The lobbying of Members of Parliament about the effects of legislation on a business requires the development of a public affairs and policy strategy that builds and maintains relationships with political stakeholders and ensures the best interests of the organisation are met.

    This requires expertise on the current system of government and identification of the political contacts to approach with regard to communicating a specific organisation’s needs and to discuss key issues and implement creative strategies to promote positive awareness of the organisation.

    Constituency Assessment Report Pack

    The Map-Logic Constituency Assessment Report Pack provides an essential insight to your businesses political footprint by comparing the location of key assets such as employees, sites or key suppliers to the current Parliamentary Constituency boundary structure. The result is a series of high impact reports identifying the most important constituencies to UK businesses and the MP’s to target to represent an organisations best interests.

    From a list of Postcodes we create a unique Constituency Assessment Report Pack for  businesses containing the reports detailed below.

    Parliamentary Constituency Ranking

    Which Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies are of most importance to your business? And which MP’s and political parties currently hold the seats? This report ranks constituencies by the number of employees.

    UK Parliamentary Constituency Map

    What is the distribution and concentration of your key target constituencies around the country? Where do you need to concentrate resources?

    Political Party Ranking

    Which political party has the most significant impact on your business? This report ranks the political parties according to the number of employees living in their constituencies.

    Scottish Constituency Ranking

    Which Scottish Parliamentary Constituencies are the most important to your business?

    Welsh Assembly Ranking

    Which Welsh Assemblies are the most important to your business?

    Country Report

    Which constituent countries of the UK do most of your employees live?
    View a Sample Report >>

    Click here for more information and to enquirie about the Constituency reports for Government Relations Executives.

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