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    News — postcode polygons

    Free Postcode Maps On Google Maps

    We have been playing with google maps to provide a simple and free online Postcode map resource for quite some time.

    After some review about how to best make this work - in particular with some Google Maps limitations - we are trying out a new site which is dedicated to the provision of free online Postcode maps.

    Currently the site utilises the Google Maps search tool to allow you to search for a town, Postcode or county in the UK and display the Postcode Districts or Sectors for that area. Postcode District and Sector boundaries can be toggled on or off on the map by simple buttons in the top right of the map.

    In addition, there are menu options to view predefined Postcode maps for selected towns, Postcode Areas and Counties.

    We hope this is the first phase of an on-going Postcode mapping development and, as such, we have a competition running for visitors to give us their feedback on what they would like the site to do next. These responses will help drive the next features we will look to add to the site over the coming months either free of charge or for a small subscription fee.

    We welcome all feedback on the site so please hop over to have a look and use one of the methods on the site to let us know what you think and how you think the site could be improved.

    Thanks in advance :-)

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    Postcode Boundary Data

    Following the release of several geographic databases (royalty free) by Ordnance Survey on the 1st April 2010, we have been reviewing the information to determine whether we can help turn this raw data into useful information for customers to use in GIS and mapping software.

    In addition to improving the grid references (and lowering the price!) of our Postcode grid reference file, we have also used the raw Code-Point grid reference data to build a set of Postcode polygons for Great Britain. These boundaries can be used in a variety of GIS and mapping software such as Mapinfo, Arcview, Maptitude and even Google Earth to view the extent of Postcode Sectors, Districts and Areas across the country.

    The polygons have been created using a variety of techniques based on Voronoi diagrams to create areas around every Postcode in the country which are then aggregated to created the boundaries for each level of Postcode geography. As we only use the Postcodes with the highest positional quality indicators from Ordnance Survey and also exclude PO Boxes, these boundaries are the most accurate boundaries that can be produced using this technique.

    At £300 for a single user and £600 for unlimited company use, we also believe these boundaries offer unbeatable value for money. You can download a specification and a sample of the boundaries directly from our website.

    If you download the sample to play with then we'd love to have your feedback...

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